About Me

Talitha Seibel is AN URban transplant settled in The North Georgia Mountains with her six kids, MacGyver-like spouse and a gaggle of chickens, goats, and wide openness.  She is a writer, Childbirth Doula, 2nd Generation Homeschooler, Modest Fashionista, Attemptress of Healthy Living, and extreme DIY Maven.   Talitha is an open book to the extreme, unabridged, sharing her heart, snark and $,02  at www.TalithaSeibel.com



I’m a mom. Narrows it down, right?

Ok.  How about:
homeschooling, yes-crunchy, foster parent, morally conservative but socially liberal, tattoos, I dress like a lady, I love theology, and human forms, . I am a walking conundrum; contradicting things swirl around in my hopes and dreams, and  happen to create an unexpectedly ideal balance for myself and my family. Many of them land here, to share,

Raising our brood of  six with my ‘homeschool sweetheart’ (instead of highschool, ya know…) in the North Georgia Mountains, I  try to find margins of time to share my words here because openness feeds my soul. I’m just that type.

I am fiercely vulnerable, and constantly seeking to grow and learn.  I hope and expect the best to come forth in each day I am given, even if the best is a struggle that feels like a fail-of-a-day.  Failure is often a better teacher than success is anyway, and God uses it well. And in my case, often.

I do deep.
I’m not the friend to hold your hand and let you be a victim. I’ll pull you up and walk alongside you toward truth, because lying will kill ya, whether you are the one telling the lies or the one believing them. I’m going to push, pull, and wrangle, sisters. I don’t settle. Don’t ask me to lie to you, to make you feel better.

And that is how.
It’s how
I write.
I make things. Lots of them.
I dress. Leggings aren’t pants.
I parent. It’s my highest calling.
I love. Completely.
In Him. In Truth.


As I l trudge through my own day-to-day my hope is that sharing, unabashedly, may touch a moment of yours.

For the in-depth picture of who I am, read this blog post, it bares my heart and shows my dirt:

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