OOTD: Iron Chef Prairie Girl Meets Her Inner Yoda

Today I managed to survive a conference call, take my tribe to the homeschool park day and also to Orchestra.  Doesn’t sound impressive? Keep in mind that orchestra requires 5 music stands and 5 violins to be taken to the car, transported, and relocated to a classroom through hallways lined with the distraction of friends!  It also includes assisting my 5-year-old non-reader and 8-year-old autistic son through the hour.  I signed up to learn alongside them, but my own violin has still never made it out of the case.

This is the second week and I’m wondering if I have completely lost my mind. Thankfully, the other families are gracious and encouraging.  They are kind to my kids and giggle good-naturedly at my “What was I thinking!?!?” antics.  I’m sure week three will be better.  I apologise profusely to the instructor for making it a comedy hour.  She was super cool with it.

Anyway, I gave myself permission to just let it all hang out today.  I’m not kidding. I actually wore a sports bra for comfort, which is certainly not my norm. I don’t leave the house without proper support unless in the direst of straits.  This was a serious Friday.

Even while grunge-ing around with no makeup, I received no less than 5 compliments on my $1 skirt!   This girlie is massive. It is made of no less than 4.5 yards of the softest cotton that feels like my favorite set of comfy, worn-in bed sheets. You know, the ones that you wish were always on the bed so you wash them more often and they keep getting softer and softer.

Apparently this chef of iron is a big thing. Who knew? I responded to comments on this Tshirt and with a wide-eyed… “It’s a TV show?” That’s as funny as I get on a Friday.  No, really. I’ve never seen this show. I thought it was something at Disney. This shirt was in a bag of hand-me-downs meant for my 11-year-old, Big Sister.   She’s not getting it now!

We hit the thrift store and found  a few items, including these two light sabers for $ .50 each, which ultimately saved the day.  I mean, what else could light sabers be for? The day had felt rotten and I was so over it.  I was definitely on the verge of my Hulk shade of green (read what I mean HERE).  But  knew my choice.  I came home in a funk but put the brakes on. We hung out in the front yard for an epic battle that began with me telling the kids to get the massive load of instruments out of the van.  Ruckus didn’t want to do his part.  I whipped out that light saber with the smooth moves of a Jedi Mom, pointed it his way and said, in my best Darth Vader voice…

“Looook… I am your MOTHER.”photo (30)

Instead of my Hulk green… I went for Yoda. (Really. Read about my green.)Really. Read about my green.)

Giggles ensued.
Here’s your photo.

photo (29)
Somedays you have to pretend to be a fun mom, when you aren’t  within miles of feelin’ it.   Sometimes that’s what it takes to be a hero to your kids and yourself.  Many days it is dropping everything for hugs and a prayer. Today it was $1 spent on two light sabers. Choosing to be the happy mom when you aren’t feeling it is one of the quickest fake-it-till-you-make-it experiences you can have.  The minute I stopped my funk, I changed the tide. By refusing to let that inner ogre take me, I win. My kids respond with joy and relief and the beauty of it floods me, too. Then there is no fake. We make it happen together.

The weekend it already looking fabulous because of it!

This was my Friday.  That’s all I’ve got for you.



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