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Birth has always been a part of my life.    One of my earliest memories was the night my sister was born in my parents bedroom and the overwhelming sense of peace, joy and blessing that pervaded the air as we all celebrated. I was 4 1/2 years old.
I am the fourth born of 10 children, a mix of hospital and home births.   Through homeschooling, my mother involved her pregnancies and births in our education as just a matter-or-course.  When my older sister, Melissa, moved away at 17 for a 2 year internship at a birth center in Texas, I spent hours pouring over ‘birthy’ books and info, intrigued by what she was learning. My mother now has 18 grandchildren and my sister has 8 of her own children.  Birth and pregnancy is a constant joyful presence in our family.
I have to be honest, I remember being confused when I first heard of people hiring doulas.  It took me awhile to realize that not everyone had the experience with birth being normal that I have had.  That many women are raised with little to no information on how our bodies work. When my first pregnancy came I realized how differently I was able to approach my birth, because of what I knew and was exposed to through life.
Over the years I attended births as a friend several times.  I find it such a pleasure and a humbling honor to walk through pregnancy and birth with someone, seeing them grow into their own motherhood. My own doula from my last birth said: “It’s like a curtain is raised and just for a moment you are welcomed into this sacred space of birth as a helper and advocate”. In a moment, I see the beautiful power a woman’s body has when she is becoming a mother and the path it was created to take.
I have the honor of partnering with guardian angels and serving during your miracle of bringing for life. I love what I do.

Once the birth is over, the curtain closes and a new woman is born, with her child.  It is a humbling role, to be a helper to women in labor;  A true privileged to share my experience and training in a way that blesses a mother during one of the most sacred events of life.

I believe that an all natural birth is always ideal, but that there is a time and place for medication and intervention to be used judiciously.  I aim to be realistic and non-judgmental in how I see your personal birth choices, and hope to meet you where you are at. I am an advocate for parents researching and making educated decisions on the plans for their birth, understanding that some things are unexpected.

I offer the following types of support for your birth and family:
Childbirth Doula
Postpartum Doula
Placenta Encapsulation
Extended Parenting Support

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