Service Details

When you choose me as your birth support, my services include:

  • ONE FREE CONSULTATION to meet and see if I am a good match for your needs. I want to be sure that you are absolutely comfortable with hiring me for your birth, to be able to provide you the best environment possible. 
  • Availability from the day you hire me by email for any questions or concerns, and by phone from 9-5 on week days.On call 24/7 from 2 weeks before your due date, until your birth! (earlier if you have a history of early births, to be determined individually).  I only take 2-3 births a month and I do have a back-up agreement in place in case of emergencies. (I have only missed 4 births in 5 years, out of over 180) 
  • ONE OR TWO PRENATAL APPOINTMENTS  to discuss your pregnancy and offer resources for any needs that arise. My goal is to get to know each other so that you can be comfortable and confident with me, but also to provide information for you to educate and prepare yourself especially if any concerns or complications happen to arise. I offer books and DVD’s from my lending library at these visits for you to borrow.  Unless agreed on otherwise beforehand, prenatals take place in my home so that I have everything available to you.
  • TWO HOUR BIRTH REHEARSAL where we will cover more details of what your birth may look like (see below)
  • Labor support for active labor from the time you chose to have me (at home or hospital) until you give birth
  • Birth photography, if requested in advance
  • Immediate post-birth support with mother/baby bonding and nursing
  • Postpartum availability by email or phone 24/7 for the first week after your birth. I want to be sure you have the support you need.  Postpartum doula care can be added at an hourly rate.
  • One post birth visit to answer any questions, help with breastfeeding, discuss any concerns or questions about your birth, and celebrate!  I do keep notes during the birth to share with you for your birth story.  This appointment is usually sometime between 10 days to 4 weeks.
  • I offer discounts to clients on  Henna Tattoo Art (for you, your guests at your shower, or at your blessingway)

Please Email or Call to check availability for your Due Month and discuss fees.


Free Consultation- I always prefer to meet with the expectant mom and her birth partner together.  This will help both of you to get any questions answered, but also gives you some feedback between the two of you about whether I am the right fit for your needs. If interviewing more than one doula, it’s great for the mother to have a second opinion from the consultation to talk it through.  I typically email a copy of my contract beforehand so that you’ve had the chance to look it over in private and think about any extra questions you may have. You are not obligated to make a decision at the consultation, by any means.  If you chose me later on, you can email the contract and retaining fee.

Prenatal Appointments- Once you have hired me, I will email you a Prenatal Worksheet with some fun questions that help me get to know you and your needs better.  The prenatal appointment is largely spent talking through these things and starting to formulate your birth preferences and birth strategy.  Depending on when you hire me, I like to have this done in the second to the beginning of the third trimester.  Throughout the pregnancy, I love to hear how you are doing after appointments or when you have any questions. If you need resources on any current research, I’m happy to provide what I have.  If you are high-risk or there are any other concerns, we may had another prenatal appointment to discuss those issues.

The Birth Rehearsal- At about 36-38 weeks I will come to your home to talk through your final birth preferences, any fears and questions and to go through a rehearsal of what the birth may be like. We discuss different ‘What if?” scenarios,   when to call, when to go, signs of labor, relaxation methods, breathing techniques, pressure points, optimal fetal positioning, what’s in my bag of tricks… lots of good things! I really believe that the couples with the most satisfactory births are those who take birthing classes AS WELL as hiring a doula. But having said that, this rehearsal is like a private mini-class and will help you feel well prepared.

On Call- After 37 weeks I’m prepared to come to you whenever you need me.  When I am on call I am careful to be rested, my tank full of gas and everything ready for you!